Novathermowood Decking adds a touch of natural peace to your living spaces. Pick the right product for you from the novathermowood Decking family, and enjoy every step you take on it for many years to come.

Novathermowood Decking is the ideal material for outdoor use due to the heat treatment giving it maximum resistance to all weather conditions, decay, microorganisms and vermin.

Another advantage of novathermowood Decking is that it is free of resin or other extractives, a quality that grants the material a significantly greater stability, enabling many applications that would otherwise be impossible using regular, untreated wood.

Thermowood process used in Novathermowood Decking gives the product a uniform color and a perfect durability in terms of shape and dimensions. novathermowood Decking maintains its natural beauty and elegance for years, and can be further treated with oil-base preservatives for protection from UV, which can turn the wood to a gray color in time. However, choosing not to use this method does not affect the durability of the product.

Novathermowood Decking is the ideal and aesthetic choice for all types of outdoor extensions, including pool sides and balconies, terraces and gardens, walkways and promenades, saunas and spas, cafes, pubs and restaurants. When you experience the quality of Novathermowood Decking, you will never want to step on anything else.



Ash wood is an essential material in woodcraft, due to its amazing durability. Ash is a hard tree with a high number of growth rings, and features an aesthetic look with its wavy texture.

These qualities make novathermowood Ash Decking a multi-purpose, aesthetic and durable material. With its beautiful brown color, it is a good alternative for outdoor areas where heavy traffic is expected. If you seek an elegant look to highlight your spaces, durable and reliable novathermowood Ash Decking is the right choice.



The exotic iroko provides an ideal exterior cladding material with its durability, light amber color and an elegant look that captures perfection with its modern aspect. Iroko is also a good alternative to teak, another reason to why you should choose novathermowood Iroko Decking.

If you seek an elegant and durable material with a uniform texture, novathermowood Iroko Decking is certain to meet your expectations.



The all familiar pine tree has been the staple of woodcraft for centuries. A natural look with its light tan color and knotty texture, pine is the preferred choice for nature lovers.

Novathermowood Pine Decking offers an ideal and affordable solution for those who cannot resist the allure of pine.



If you\’re looking for a classy, environmental friendly and durable material that is easy to install, remove, maintain and clean, novathermowood Tile Decking, produced from 100% natural materials, are just the right thing.

novathermowood Tile Decking is attached to high density polyethylene using stainless steel screws, with the underlying material preventing water buildup in wet areas, preventing the problems affecting other plastic material in similar conditions.

Specially designed clip system lowers assembly costs while making installation easier, helping you save on time, prevent dust and dirt buildup, or cause inconvenience to others. As they are removed just as simply as they are installed, you can easily take your Tile Decking with you if you move houses.

novathermowood Tile Decking has a wide variety of uses, including pool sides and balconies, terraces and gardens, walkways and promenades, saunas and spas, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

novathermowood Tile Decking, stable, smooth and suitable for use in all weather conditions, offers a reliable and classy living space for your home and workplace.




Novawood offers underconstruction solutions in various dimensions to ensure that the substructure of your decking and cladding are also made of the right material. Underconstruction forms the base of decking and cladding, which necessitates utmost care in the selection of materials.

A correct decking and cladding begins with the right underconstruction. Super and substructure of the installation should have similar moisture content to ensure similar operating characteristics, and consequently, an efficient end result. novathermowood Ash and Pine Underconstruction, with their finger jointed and laminated structure, are made much more durable for this purpose.

Novathermowood Underconstruction is recommended for the most efficient solutions.