Novathermowood Cladding is the most classy and natural outfit of your building. Embodying the elegance of wood in all aspects, novathermowood Cladding is the equivalent of a luxurious, custom made tuxedo for your home. Pick the right product for your purpose from the novathermowood Cladding family, and give your building a natural, exquisite and lasting look. Enjoy its beautiful view as it stays pristine for years and renew it as you wish to make it look even more beautiful in time.

Novathermowood is the ideal material for cladding due to the heat treatment giving it maximum resistance to all weather conditions, decay, microorganisms and vermin.

Another advantage of novathermowood Cladding is that it is free of resin or other extractives, a quality that removes the risk of surface defects and grants the material a significantly greater stability, enabling many applications that would otherwise be impossible using regular, untreated wood.

Thermowood process used in novathermowood Cladding gives the product a uniform color and a perfect durability in terms of shape and dimensions. When used in facades, novathermowood Decking maintains its natural beauty and elegance for years, and can be further treated with oil-base preservatives for protection from UV, which can turn the wood to a gray color in time. However, choosing not to use this method does not affect the durability of the product.

Novathermowood Cladding can be applied to any surfaces. When you experience the quality of novathermowood Cladding in your home, you will never want to look at another facade again.



A multi-purpose, aesthetic and durable material. If you seek an elegant look to highlight your building, durable and reliable novathermowood Ash Cladding is the right choice



If you seek an elegant and durable material with a uniform texture in all facades, novathermowood Iroko Cladding is certain to meet your expectations.



Novathermowood Pine Cladding is offers an ideal and affordable solution for those who seek a natural look in their building facades, and cannot resist the allure of pine.


HIGH QUALITY, EFFICIENT, AESTHETIC Solid Panel Cladding is a weather resistant cladding material for external surfaces. With its high load bearing strength, Panel Cladding is the right choice for those who seek optimum visual appeal along with utility.

Panel Cladding consists of single, large pieces of material. Lack of joints makes it the best alternative, while the large size of individual pieces help cover large areas easily. Panel Cladding offers an innovative, elegant and simple alternative cladding solution.

One of its biggest advantages is ease of planning and assembly, thanks to tongue and groove joints. The system is quite straightforward, and as such, does not cause any difficulty during installation.

Panel Cladding will add value to spaces, and maintain its exquisite look for years to come.